Adam Hurlburt

writer, producer, showrunner

United States

Donut Media
Up To Speed - The Fake NASCAR Driver

I wrote and produced this episode on the greatest unsolved mystery in motorsport. NASCAR topics rarely hit with the Donut audience. It's too bad, because I think this is the best episode of Up To Speed, period. It's a glimpse of the show I'd like to make, which delves into the weird corners of automotive history. I have a load of ideas for this. Let's make it happen.

Donut Media
Up To Speed - Dale Earnhardt

An ambitious short-form doc on The Intimidator with a pinch of literary flare and a few masturbation jokes thrown in for good measure. Too chonky for Donut's Gen Z-leaning audience. But Dale Jr. reached out and said he loved it, which means so much more to me. I researched, wrote, and produced this. It was the first time I made James cry. It wasn't the last.

Dirt Rag

With the help of esteemed psychedelic researcher Dr. James Fadiman, the author investigates the effects of an LSD microdose on mountain biking prowess.
Cascade Campers

Original web and branding copy for Nevada City, California's Cascade Campers.

Automobile Magazine
March of the Microbuses

The Shasta Snow Trip is unlike any other vintage vehicle event. Open exclusively to pre-1968 VW Microbuses, this outlaw winter romp is the stuff of legend among VW junkies.

Xolo Outdoor
16 Tips for First Time Winter Camping

The first snowfall every year can signal months of frustration for some outdoor hobbyists, but it doesn’t have to. Believe it or not, winter camping can be an even more serene pleasure than its warm-weather counterpart.

Black Hills Pioneer

"The last time I drove that car more than 50 miles was in 1964," Russ Mowry said, gazing at his bright yellow 1959 Elva Courier ...

Black Hills Pioneer
The Dawn of DUNE

It sounds like the plot of a science fiction blockbuster: An international team of scientists is hard at work on a cutting edge experiment to beam trillions of curious particles some 800 miles straight through the earth, from a national accelerator lab in rural Illinois to four massive particle detectors in an abandoned gold mine a mile below the streets of small town in South Dakota's Black Hills.